Lab Personnel

Assistant Research Professor:

Dr. Patrick Yu Liu (PhD 2015, The Scripps Research Institute)

Graduate Students:

Matthew Fares  (Chemistry, BS 2014, La Salle University)

Gregory Campbell Carter Jr. (BMB, BS 2015, University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Charlie Wolstenholme (Chemistry, BS 2016, Boston College)

Conner Hoelzel (Chemistry, BS 2016, College of Wooster, Ohio)

Leeann Grainger (Chemistry, BS 2017, East Carolina University, North Carolina)

Kwan Ho Jung (Chemistry, MS 2016, Inha University, South Korea)

Visiting Graduate Student:

Baoxing Shen (Southeast University, China)

Undergraduate Students:

Joshua Pezzulo (Chemical Engineering, Schreyer Honors College)

Nicholas Aksu (Biochemistry)

Basel Karim (Biochemistry)

Anna Hou (Chemistry)

Divya Jain (Chemistry, Schreyer Honors College)

Sojung Kim (Chemistry, Schreyer Honors College)

Jordan Ort (Chemistry, Schreyer Honors College)

Matthew Sackstein (joint with Prof. Stephen Benkovic, Biotechnology, Schreyer Honors College)


Kun Miao (Chemistry graduate program at Caltech)

Zi Gao (Chemistry graduate program at UC Riverside)

Chen Jiang (Bioinformatics graduate program at Emory)

Yufeng Zhai (College of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin)

Dr. Yinghao Li (Staff Scientist, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing)

Yusheng Cai (Chemical Engineering, Schreyer Honors College)

Wen Wen (Chemistry graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University)

Shuyuan Chen (Bioinformatics graduate program at University of Melbourne)

Chelsi Almodovar Rivera (University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus)

Ying Wang (Chemistry graduate program at University of Southern California)

Samuel Bollinger (Chemistry, Schreyer Honors College)

Hannah Kahn (Biology)